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Our focus is Group Benefits and only Group Benefits. As an Actuary with 35 years of industry knowledge, experience, and expertise, AF Group Benefits’ detailed analysis allows you to make the right choice, at the right price for you and your employees. read more

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Group Benefits

Using an analytical approach and understanding a client’s needs & wants, A.F. Group Benefits provides innovative and practical solutions catering to both employers’ and employees’ needs. We provide complete consulting services that reduce costs, increased benefit knowledge and provide creative solutions for your Group Benefit needs.

what we offer

Trusted Insurance Products

A.F. Group Benefits products - Traditional employee benefits icon

  • Pooled Benefits (Life Insurance, AD&D, Long-Term Disability, Critical Illness)
  • Short-Term Disability/Weekly Indemnity
  • Health & Dental Insurance
  • Out of Country Travel
  • Flexible Benefit Options
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Wellness Programs and Accounts
  • Virtual Health Options
  • Cost-Plus

A.F. Group Benefits products - Health care spending accounts icon

  • Healthcare spending accounts (HCSA) Allows the employer to fix their employees’ benefit costs
  • Allows the employee to decide how to spend their dollars on the benefits of their choice, tax free.
  • The employer can choose to top up the HCSA coverage with traditional group benefits.
  • Incorporated Individuals can deduct Health & Dental expenses through their Corporation as a business expense.

Health care spending accounts - Transitional benefits

Individual policies that are available when leaving an employer that has provided health benefits.

Alternate Funding Arrangement, i.e. ASO (administrative services only or self insurance). By performing a detailed review and analysis of your current and past health and dental experience, we assess the most favourable funding arrangements that are best suited to your needs.

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