Saving Money and Cold Calls

Every day my clients are getting cold calls about benefits. They claim to offer something, bold, unique and different, but generally, they will tell you how much money they will save you. They have no idea about the current benefit program in place, your dealings with your consultant, steps taken in the past, changes of carriers or issues within your organization.

This is part of the business and not just in Group Insurance. I’m blessed to have great clients who understand what they have in their benefits, the costs attributed and the options available to them. Anyone can save you money by moving a plan and changing coverages, but as is the case with your business, it is about relationships, you and your partners working together and forging relationships that are mutually beneficial and result in the long-term “common good”. Sometimes relationships with the insurer go “sideways” or you need reductions to help during a difficult time; your consultant can help you with solutions to the issues at hand. A consultant who understands your needs and wants, and is able to provide you with solutions when needed is crucial